Sisseton, SD

Sisseton is located in the northeast corner of South Dakota amongst the Coteau de Prairies Hills. The hills are dotted with lakes, hence we are known as the Glacial Lakes Territory. If you enjoy the outdoors, a visit to our region is in order. The lakes provide great fishing opprotunities. If hunting is your thing, join us for the pheasant opener. We have many public walk-in areas. We hunt pheasant, duck, goose, turkey, and deer. Sica Hollow State park and Roy Lake State Park provide hiking and horse trails.

Sisseton School District

Sisseton School District encompasses a large section of land. In areas, the furthest spot reaches out over 30 miles from the school. The district currently has two elementary schools. Westside elementary is in Sisseton. New Effington Elementary is in New Effington. The district includes the communities of Sisseton, Browns Valley, Peever, Veblen, Claire City, and Agency Village.

Sisseton Middle and High School

The middle school and high school are on one campus on the west side of Sisseton.The middle school was in the center of town, but a newly constructed building sits within the boundries of the high school. There are approximately 500 students enrolled in grades 6-12. We are a windows based school with laptops for every student and teacher in every classroom. We have a very good technology structure in our schools. We have high academics and student who go on to higher education are very successful.

Westside and New Effington Elementary Schools

Westside has an enrollment of about 500 students PreK-grade 5. It is located in the middle of the west half of Sisseton. Westside uses a Mac based system. Thes students use iPads and Macbooks. The teachers use iMac Desktop computers and also have macbooks. Westside is a Title 1 school and prides itself in the dedication to student success in reading and math.

New Effington Elementary is located in New Effington, SD. That is about 30 miles northeast of Sisseton. It is considered a satelite school. New Effington is a small school of 5 staff and 38 students. They are Mac based in technology. With the individualized attention in small class sizes, The staff is proud of the education given to the students.